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Forest Safety Products Ltd & Forest Drainage Products Ltd are divisions of The Forest Group

Forest Safety Products Ltd & Forest Drainage Products Ltd are divisions of The Forest Group

All Forest Group UK products use specialist EPS bead manufactured with recycled plastics.


Polybed® drainage is a smarter alternative to the traditionally heavy aggregate based systems.

In its simplest form, the lightweight geosynthetic material used to produce Polybed® can save time & cost on traditional installations. This is down to the pre-surrounded pipe system that requires no aggregate to install.

Applied to sustainable underground drainage systems (SuDS), Polybed® outperforms traditional aggregate design through a standardised, uniform bedding and backfill and superior drainage due to a better void ratio.

Using pre-surrounded Polybed® means there are less operations on-site, requiring less plant & labour than traditional methods, resulting in less disruption and improved programmes.

The load bearing capability of Polybed® has been rigorously tested by The University of Nottingham’s Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC). NTEC testing has demonstrated the suitability of Polybed® as an alternative to traditional pipe and aggregate drainage systems in highway and vehicle parking applications concluding that Polybed® can provide a structurally satisfactory alternative to traditional pipe and gravel based drainage systems.

Continued independent testing results have been promising and further developments are currently being researched for both trackside and UTX applications. Want to find out more? Please discuss your interest in rail industry drainage with our helpful team.

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